Ben Ager

Exceddingly Good Celebrant

One of the best wedding ceremony I have been in Sydney. I wanted to describe my experience but then I thought Ben explained his style perfectly, So here they are --
"For too long we have considered the actual wedding ceremony to be the most boring part of the whole day; something we just have to get through with as little pain as possible so we can all move on to the party. What if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way? What if I told you the wedding ceremony could actually be fun, interesting and entertaining, and could serve as the most tremendous launch-pad to get your wedding off the ground and sailing through the neon skies of awesomeness?

I will bring a sense of that fun and that excitement which bought you together as a couple to the actual ceremony. "
-- Ben Ager

and yeah it was Fun @benagersydneycelebrant 

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